Initial market construction & agricultural machinery.

Based on our vision, we first devote ourselves to those people who have the greatest need. Construction machine operator Bob is exposed to critical noise levels in his work environment for eight hours a day. The probability of hearing loss in his profession is 60 %. Permanent noise reduces the efficiency and the concentration ability decreases. This leads to errors and poses a safety risk. Ear muffs, ear plugs or active noise control (ANC) headphones are not an adequate solution due to safety reasons and wearing comfort.

Active noise control.

In order to counteract the stress and danger factors of noise we are developing an innovative acoustic device based on the principle of active noise control. By emitting an anti-sound signal, with opposite polarity to the noise source, disturbing signals are cancelled by means of destructive interference.


We implement our ANC technology into seats and operate in far field (without headphones). This offers Bob the following advantages: 


  1. He can abandon bulky headphones. The passive damping of desired sounds, such as voices and warning signals, is eliminated.
  2. Our algorithm works selectively: machine noise is cancelled, instructions from a foreman or music remain understandable.
  3. The achieved noise reduction improves the quality of life, concentration and safety of Bob and his fellow human beings.

1. speakers, 2. microphones, 3. hardware platform

System components.

Our product consists of speakers, the hardware platform and microphones that are integrated into seats. In addition to the illustrated components, sensors are installed to determine the head position. This makes it possible to project the quiet zone exactly onto the ears of the user.


The frequency spectrum of construction machinery is especially in the low frequency range up to 1 kHz. The volume level is well above the permitted daily noise exposure Level of LEX,8h = 85 dB(A).


Our product realizes a noise reduction in the range up to 1 kHz of 10 - 20 dB. This corresponds to a perceived noise reduction up to 75 %, i.e. to ¼ of the original noise level.


Bob can be exposed 10 - 100 times longer to ambient noise without suffering hearing damage. Not only does this offer enormous added value for Bob, but also for our direct customers.