german nordic Humor meets rheinhian Temperament.

Marc von Elling


+49 40 766 29 3881

Marc is the structured navigator in the Team. Determined, he breathed life into recalm. Porting software to hardware is his daily bread and butter. His skills in the field of hardware implementation he has previously demonstrated eight years in a medium-sized company.


Martin Günther


+49 40 766 29 3883

Martin is distiguished by his curiosity as well as his conscientiousness. No one loves Technical literature more than him. Martin is the expert in active noise control. The ANC code at recalm bears his signature. Together with Marc he leads the product to its first breath.

Lukas Henkel


+49 40 766 29 3882

Lukas is the empathic Team Player who brings his strengths to operational business: communication and creativity. At recalm, Lukas is dedicated to business modeling, marketing and human resources. So all tasks that keep the techies away from product development.


Ralf REssel


 +49 40 766 29 3882

Ralf is our strategist in the Team. He acts as a mentor and brings with him many years of experience in aerospace engineering, but also in the construction machinery industry. His valuable network opens doors. In terms of sales and negotiation skills, the team benefts from his expertise.